Friday, April 09, 2010

TGIF: It's a Wrap!

Today we'll be learning to wrap 2 books in a chic carry-on style. Shown here is our Give Joy wrap, but any square-ish fabric will work too.

1. Place fabric wrap face-down. Lay the 2 books in the middle.

2. Turn books outward. Repeat.

3. Take the ends of the wrap and tuck them inside each book.

4. Lift the books and fold inward until they are next to each other again.

4. Take the opposite ends of the fabric and bring them towards each other. Pull across opposite ends.

5. Still holding the 2 ends, flip the whole thing over. Tie a knot with the ends.

6. Voila! a tote to tote your books!

TGIF and happy wrapping, folks...


Lydia said...

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EvaBabeDesigns said...

I love it! It's so practical too! This totally reminds me of all my travel days in Japan when my friends would give me these wrapped gifts. They were so special and thoughtful to know that so much time went into the preparation for the presentation of the gift.

Nakki said...

Nice. I need to try this stat. P.S. I found this post via Pinterest! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea.
Anything that cuts down on the excessive amount of paper and waste is great....

I have included them in a big list of tutorials for wrapping and decorating.
You can see it here....
... if you like.

Thanks again for sharing!!...and for your beautiful blog.
Ally on harrysdesk.