Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF: It's a wrap!

Since folks have been asking us for different techniques on wrapping with our reusable fabric wraps, we thought we'd start a new series called "TGIF: It's a wrap!". And yes, you got it, we'll feature a wrapping technique every Friday...

We'll start with an easy one: wrapping a simple box.

We chose the mustard "Give Luck" from our collection for this feature.

Lay the wrap face down and place the box in the middle.

Take the side with the tag and tuck it around the box.

Take the opposite end and bring over, neatly folding in the edge.

Gather one side and pull towards the middle of the box.

Repeat on other side.

Tie a knot.
Spread the knot ends so the "Give Luck" message shows through. Voila!


Punctuation Mark said...

I love to wrap gifts like this too... I like to do it mostly when I give people bottles of wine... :)

chewingthecud said...

That tutorial is coming up very soon..:)

EvaBabeDesigns said...

This a great way to wrap and reuse the wrapping too! I love it. Thanks for sharing.