Friday, December 04, 2009

New Save-the-Date cards

I'm a little late in sharing these pieces that I had designed a while back...

The groom's last name is Sharkey, hence the fish + hook icon.

Erica and Abe's wedding will be in San Miguel de Allende. They wanted a vibrant, playful palette that would reflect the mood of the occasion. Also Erica owns an accessories company and loves southwestern patterns so we took inspiration from that to create a layered look with the geometric shapes you would see in her work.

This is a fun one.... the whole idea of 2 is better and 1, coupled with Breana's love of puzzles inspired these puzzle cards.
Breana is a sommelier and Scott is a chef so we thought it apt to use food pairings as icons.

These are also up at the 100 layer cake blog. Thanks for the love, ladies!