Friday, August 14, 2009

Days with My Father

image source here

Heartwrenchingly beautiful visual story-telling by photographer Phillip Toledano in a series called "Days with My Father". I shed a few quiet tears as I followed him on his journey. My dad lives thousands of miles away from me; I think about him everyday.

via Uncle Beefy


josephine said...

i go soooo chocked up when i viewed this. i love the stories and moments he chose to accompany the photos.

Lola G. said...

Thanks so much for passing this along. Very poignant, and beautifully done.

Events by Evonne said...

Wow... amazing photos and amazing story. Thanks for sharing, Viola! I am glad that I am seeing my dad this December over the holidays, and I hope you get to see yours soon! How is he doing?

chewingthecud said...

It really is an amazing piece... Evonne, I'm planning to go home and see my papa in Oct/Nov:) Yay for you and me!