Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gift Presentation II: Kraft Bag + Personalized Tag

all images: chewing the cud

For gifts that are odd-shaped or better presented in bags, one of our favorite wrapping techniques is the kraft + baker's twine combo. We've included a free template of the sticker tag, in various sizes, used in this tutorial. Download here

kraft bag
baker's twine

personalized sticker tag

Place gift in kraft bag. Fold top over twice and secure underside with double-stick tape.

Wrap baker's twine around the vertical length of the bag several times. Secure with a knot at approximately the top 1/3 of the length. (Shown at location of ribbon). Cut off excess twine.

Download and print tag on adhesive paper. Trim with scissors or circle cutter. Paste tag over the knot.

*All my free downloads are intended for non-commercial use only. Enjoy!*


Emily@oncewed said...

So fun! I love love love baker's twine!

chewingthecud said...

me too! Always looking for creative ways to use twine :)

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